2,000,000£ for Penelope Floating House in South London

Penelope is a floating boat offering a lifestyle that is not without the well-being of a land-size house. It features high ceilings, spacious rooms and stunning views, as well as 2 swimming pools and 2 fitness centers. Penelope is anchored on the famous Riverside Quarters in Wandsworth, South London. The length of the boat is 29 meters, with 223 square meters of facilities, plus 112 square meters as an outdoor space divided into several exposed roofs and layers.

and the owner of Penelope designed the boat himself to simulate as luxurious a vessel as possible, in cooperation with marine engineers and a leading commercial shipbuilding company, which was completed in 2008

Penelope is not motorized, and has a size of about 223 square meters and its location directly on the river’s surface. Compared with any traditional Dutch ship converted to a house, the Bishop of Penelope is taller and does not make her taller. Each room has its own facilities, with an attractive design. The main room is a huge suite that goes beyond the bedrooms of the London apartments, with a view of the river. There is an additional outdoor space of 111 square meters. The lower layer of the house directly overlooks the river towards the Butni Bridge

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