how you be etiquette when shopping at the supermarket

– Be careful to have your appearance fit, and away from wearing exaggerated clothes
– It is advisable not to enter the “supermarket”, and in your hand types of food, to avoid hearing comments you are indispensable

– Do not have to stand for long with the shopping cart in front of shelves full of goods, and avoid the corner shopping cart in the middle of the corridors so as not to block the movement of others
– It is necessary to leave a distance between you and the other shopper, and in the event of a collision with vehicles must be polite words appropriate, such as “pardon.”

– If you have one of your children in your neck, you must catch it and do not overlook it so as not to cause chaos

– Avoid touching fragile glass utensils
– Do not throw paper, inside the cart or on the ground
– If you change your mind about a product, it should be returned to its rightful place
– You can answer phone calls, but with a faint voice

– When paying the account, especially when there is congestion on the fund, you must be patient until it comes to your turn
It is appropriate to make room for a shopper who has few commodities

– The shopping must be returned to its place when the supermarket is left

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