What games do with children’s minds?

An expert in Britain warned that social networking sites and video games contribute to creating a generation of children who suffer from mental and emotional immaturity

Susan Greenfield, a British scientist and psychologist, said she was worried about children who use social sites and games, warning that they are at risk of losing their ability to think and communicate.

And she continued “What I expect is that people will become like children at the age of three … they will lose their passion, social skills and their own identity.”

Greenfield warned four years ago that social networks are “re-generating” children’s brains





The British expert based on a study conducted at Harvard and Princeton University, revealed that children will not be able to sit alone and think about the impact of virtual sites.

The study advised children:

  1. By creating new things in their lives
  2. And not just telephone, such as reading, exercising and going out with friends

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