3 Tips to Avoid Sun Sensitivity

Sensitivity of the sun in the form of itchy skin and red skin or bubbles after the sun, but can avoid the incidence of sunburn easily following the following three tips reported by the magazine freundin german:

Start slowly
The full sun bath should not be taken immediately, but the body should be trained to get used to ultraviolet radiation with simple doses, take short sun baths, and gradually increase the dose

right sun visor
It is preferable to start with a high sun protection factor such as 50, then slowly to 30, preferably ointment free of emulsifiers, perfumes and preservatives

Immediate help when allergic attacks
In acute cases, the sun is removed immediately, a moisturizing ointment is used to relieve skin irritation or an ointment containing a small amount of cortisone, and antihistamines support internal healing

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