What happens to you when surf your phone before you sleep?

Dr. Dan Saygal said: Using a mobile phone before bed is damaged, what is it?

The doctor explained that using a pre-sleep phone displays an eye for a waterfall of photons from the screen, which tells your brain not to sleep, that it is not time to sleep, and that the body is secreted by melatonin, a sleeping hormone.

This leads to a few hours of sleep, for example, five hours if you sleep from one to six in the morning, which does not allow your brain to clean itself of toxins, a process that performs during sleep, and also does not give the nerve cells a chance to rest.

Also, he said that a person usually needs seven to nine hours of sleep a day.

Lack of sleep is said to be toxic to intermodal connections between neurons in the brain because toxins will remain and will not be disposed of, and lack of sleep affects insulin hormone in the body, increases your risk of overweight, affects memory and your ability to solve problems.

The doctor was advised to turn off the phone screen an hour before bed.


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