It’s Japan – dishes are appetizing but they are not to eat

Japanese food is called “Gohan ご は ん”, a Japanese word referring to steamed rice. Japanese rice is characterized by its consistency in cooking, making it easy to take sticks instead of spoons in Japan. Since rice is an important food for Japanese, Traditional meals in Japan consist of white rice with no additives and a main dish – fish or meat – and some types of side dishes – usually cooked vegetables – soups – miso soup – and pickles.

If you are wandering Japan and looking for a place to dine, a surprising phenomenon awaits you; All meals are displayed through plastic models that look real-looking in the restaurant front. This beautiful phenomenon originated in Japan in 1917 and its aim is to make the meal selection process easier for tourists who do not know how to read Japanese menus.

See in pictures one of the most beautiful phenomena in Japan

These typical plastic dishes have become an integral part of modern Japanese civilization, and today Japanese cities are filled with shops that sell these plastic dishes and can be bought as a souvenir when you visit this wonderful country.

The Japanese say before the beginning of the eating いただきます, which is a polite term: I will receive this food to express thanks to everyone who participated in the preparation of the food. When you finish the food they say Gocheso sama Dechita ごちそうさまでした to express thanks again and mean she was excellent.

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