Do MACs devices need antivirus software?

Some Mac users argue that their software is better than Windows or Android software, because they are safer against pirate attacks, but do Mac devices really need anti-virus protection software?.. The answer is in this report.

While Windows system users are seeking advanced protection software to protect their data, Mac OS or Mac operators are seeking to not activate this software on their Macintosh computers, which has generated questions about whether the Mac system is better protected than the Windows operating system? And if that’s already happening, what makes it so?

Less intrusion attempts.
Some software technology experts see that attempts to penetrate the Mac OS are much lower than windows since McAfee Anti-virus has detected about 100,000 attempts to penetrate through its activated software on Macintosh systems at the end of 2016. This number rose to 700,000 by the end of 2017. At first glance, this number of piracy operations may appear to be large, but it does not compare to the millions of hacking attempts received by Windows devices on a daily basis. Experts are due to a few attempts to hack into two things. First, the number of viruses designed for Macintosh software is much less than the number of viruses designed to penetrate windows, which makes penetration potentially less likely.

The second expert order, which may be related to the first factor, is that the market penetration of MAC OS is much lower than the spread of windows, which makes the design of viruses for this system less attractive to windows, as hackers and virus designers have to make a great effort to design a virus capable of The Mac system has been spilled and yet the spread of this virus will remain minimal compared to Windows and the payoff will therefore remain weak, making it unattractive to the aficioners.

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